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This is where my passion lies. I have been customizing award winning vintage bikes for the past 10 years. Whether you want a coffee racer, a flat tracker, or a classic chopper, let me know your ideas and I‘ll make it happen. See some examples here



Each bike should be as unique as its rider. And each rider should feel as safe and as comfortable with his or her bike as possible. Whether adapting it for look or comfort, I want to give a new soul to your bike to truly make it yours. No matter your budget, get in touch and we’ll discuss your needs. See some examples here.


Maintenance Service and Repair

Every bike needs a regular tune up. Whether it’s an annual service or a particular repair, I pride myself in being able to pair reliable and thorough service with expert knowledge. Whether you need a compete overhaul or just an oil change, feel free to contact me. 


All these services are done by me personally. If you want to learn more about your bike, feel free to come along with it and get your hands dirty!